Ali Williams

Ali Williams
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1984 - 2015

“ we made a pact to say if we don't get better at what we do each year then we give up.”


Ali Williams is one of the co-founders of NoFit State. Over the past 30 years with the company she has been a performer, fundraiser, community director, and creative producer of many shows including Immortal, Parklife & Barricade, Open House and BLOCK. She was director of the Circus Development Agency from 2008-10 and has been an active member of the Circostrada European Circus and Street Arts network. From the beginning she has had a interest in using circus as a tool to improve communities and supports many social circus projects. Ali was a member of Jugglers for peace, a group that toured Nicaragua and Cuba in the late 1980's. Jugglers for Peace became the inspiration for more organisations such Clowns Without Borders and Performers Without Borders who are continuing to work in war zones and areas of poverty. In 2013 she completed a year’s sabbatical in Nepal where she worked with Circus Kathmandu, a social circus project that works with traffic survivors rescued from Indian circuses. For Circus Kathmandu she produced a show Swagatam that enabled them to tour internationally in Norway, UK and Australia. As well as producing professional shows she believes in engaging with community and giving them opportunities to take part in performances alongside the production’s professional team.

Within her role Ali supports many other circus companies and promoters in an advisory capacity. Ali has been on the Roundhouse circus advisory board and the artistic advisory board for Circolombia. She has mentored emerging companies and is passionate about supporting trainees and emerging artists to develop their talents. Though Ali focuses on contemporary creations she loves the traditional circus lifestyle of traveling and living outdoors with a community who share a common vision.