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Dodo Island

The Show was another ecological thriller. Once again the founders and Tim spent the winter on the dole organising the tour and building more seating. Marion and Flick Left us at the end of Defective Detective and we hired Gregoire's partner Linda Carel, and Stephane Spitz. Chris hills became technician and Pete Lamb crew/maintenance/mechanic. We promised Pete and Chris that could do cradle in the show if they joined us as crew.

The premise for the show was an island with only animals, including last the living Dodo Played by Ali. It was loosely based on The Tempest and various thing washed up ashore during regular storms. The first thing to arrive was a human baby who was looked after by the Dodo and become her son Tarzan, ( played by Pete). More Humans arrive firstly Robinson Cruton (Gregoire) who claims the island for himself, then Long Jane Silver ( Linda ) who wins it from Cruton in a battle, during which they discover Oil. The baddest of the bad Red o Derrick arrives with his oil men to rape the island of its resources and kill the last living Dodo.

Noteable events
Ayr Local authority asked for a H&S policy and when we couldn't provide one, they threatened to fine the company and close the show. Tim went off and wrote one on an old typewriter, which later got used as a template for other companies!

We did 15 put-ups, and drove 2400 miles.


Angela de Castro part 1 (23 mins)
Angela de Castro
Angela de Castro

Talking early shows, whipping the cast into shape, and sharing the love

Charlie Wyatt Lavender Part 2 (6.46 mins)
Gregoire Carel and Richie Smith


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