2003 - 2009
9 performances

Splott on the Landscape (s)

Splott on the Landscape shows were the brain child of Ali Williams and Mark Robson. In the beginning the Splott state circus were rehearsing once a week at the Metal Street Community Centre. It was the year after the Stepping Stones trilogy finished and community performers wanted opportunities to continue to perform. Ali approached the Sherman to see if they would be interested in working with nofitstate on a series of Community cabarets. The first one produced and directed by Ali and production managed by Mark took place in 2003 with a mixed cast of professional and community performers. The show sold out and all proceeds went into the Splott state bank account to act as match funding for a community workshop programme funded by ACW.

In total there were four Splott on the Landscape shows, after the first we had to book the Sherman for two nights for each performance as the shows sold 1000 tickets. Once we moved into the Annexe in Autumn 2004 we were able to broaden the Education programme and run several classes a night but we still kept Splott State as group of interested community performers who were always up for taking part in performance events. These shows raised money for training and masterclasses for the particpants who were involved.

Splott on the Landscape 1 11 Oct 2003

Splott on the Landscape 2 24 and 25 Feb 2006

Splott on the landscape 3 Fri 25th and Sat 26th Jan 2008

Splott on the Landscape 4 24 -25 April 2009

Over 50 community performers took part in Splott on the Landscape 4 tn 2004 with most of the individual classes working on ensemble performances and some of the more committed community members getting an opportunity for solo work. Both Shows were sold out as usual and we raised around £3000 for the Annexe programme. "

From the Sherman Theatre's website

Back by popular demand after the last three sell-out shows, NoFit State has once again brought together the best performers from Cardiff’s flourishing street theatre, cabaret and community circus scene.
Presented in a music hall style with comedy comperes, death defying aerialists, flaming firebrands, music, mayhem, and some stunning surprises, this is guaranteed to be an extraordinary event for all the family from the UK’s leading contemporary circus. Come early to catch the stilt walkers and foyer fun.

Money raised from this show will support the NoFit State community training space and youth circus.