Zoe Munn

Zoe Munn
  • Admin
  • Performer
  • Producer
  • Workshop tutor
With company
2002 - 2014


Zoe’s career with NoFit State spans over 13 years, starting as a walkabout performer and tent crew. She became involved with the local circus community in Cardiff, teaching circus workshops, training aerial back in the Star Centre and the Railway club in Splott, and helping run Splott State Circus. Zoe worked as Administrator for NoFit when pregnant with Elvis, who became the mascot baby on the first tour of Immortal. She then went back to performing, joining the trainee team on Immortal 2 for the next 3 years. After having Sylvester in 2008 she stopped performing and joined the production team as Assistant Producer on Tabu for the next three years. She was Company Manager for Labyrinth at Eden, then Associate Producer for Bianco at Eden at the same time as being the Four Elms Project Officer, helping drive the building’s renovation. In 2013/14 she became Producer for the Bianco tented tour, with the team taking the silver tent back out on the road. On this journey she has seen the circus office move from Ali’s back room, to the costume shop on Clifton Street, Ebenezer chapel, the back of the catering bus, to the Roundhouse, the Tohu, Cirque Jules Verne, many very small spaces on various lorries, to Australia, back to John Street and finally to Four Elms. Both her children have spent their early years on the road with NoFit State with many happy memories.