14 put-ups. About 90 performances

Totally Wicked

Totally Wicked

This show was loosely based on Faust, we studied both Goethe and Marlowe and mixed them up and adapted the themes to suit the Circus. The show was once again funded by ACW project funds and Tom created the set out of left overs from a WNO production. We had a very impressive set of Gates to Hell!. The story will be familiar to you. We enter heaven and the Angels are doing their flying training (trampette sequence) meanwhile somewhere on earth Faust (Tom) is wrestling with his demons and by accident he mutters a spell from his Alistair Crowley spell book and summons Mephistopheles (Ali) who tries to make him sell his soul. He wrangles with his conscience and his good (Mark) and bad (Pete) angels and ends up signing a deal with the devil in blood. In exchange he is offered the seven deadly sins.

Noteable moments
This was the first show that we took to Edinburgh Fringe. The tent was on the meadows next to Chinese State Circus and we manage to break even averaging audiences of 150 per show. We converted the flatbed into a heaven and hell parade vehicle won the Lord Mayers parade and then were disqualified for not having an entry number. Never mind no points no prizes! but we made the front page of the Scotsman and sold lots of tickets on the back of the it.

We received occasional complaints from yummy mummy's who were disturbed either by Meph throwing knives at a Teddy bear or by the dream boys getting there undies out in public.


Angela de Castro part 1 (23 mins)
Angela de Castro
Angela de Castro

Talking early shows, whipping the cast into shape, and sharing the love

Peter Gregory and Sally Wozencroft Part 2 (14 mins)


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