16 put-ups! 70+ performances

The Defective Detective

This was the second year of touring in our new blue tent. Richie left the company at the end of Take a Chance and Pete and Ali took on the admin and tour management while Tom, Tim and Lurch spent a great deal of time in the lock up in Elm Street lane building a new seating bank. This was paid for by Allied Steel and Wires sponsorship deal, designed by Tom. We were all the dole between tours and reinvesting any profit from the previous tour back into the company. Once again we were looking for new performers and we ran auditions at Trinity Church (next door to Four Elms). We hired Gregoire Carel and Marion Kenny from Abzurdicus and Flick Ferndinando a recent graduate from Fooltime Circus school in Bristol.

Once agan we decided to do an environment themed show. Here is what we wrote in 1992 about this one
There is trouble among the elements, Air is blaming Fire for polluting his sky, Fire is blaming Earth for warming up her land and creating uncontrollable heat, Earth is blaming water for rising and encroaching on her land and water is blaming Air for the warmer atmosphere which is melting her ice caps. An intrepid detective sets off to find the cause of the problem, only to find it is the humans who are causing the problem.

We did 16 put-ups and drove 2000 miles.


Peter Gregory and Sally Wozencroft Part 2 (14 mins)
Flick Ferdinando (12.19 min)
Flick Ferdinando

Performer - Talking about the days of thatcherism and austerity, being inspired in Nottingham by Lee Evans and doing shows in the the South Wales valleys.

Gregoire Carel and Richie Smith