Every Witch Way But Up

Fairy Dainty (Ali) and her son Rodney (Dave) are performing their escapology routine in a town square. As she is about to escape from the trunk she is locked in, some men from ACNE removals take her away.

Years later the Pasta Brothers ( Richie, Pete, Tom) are performing in the same square but Macaroni (Richie) cant keep his balls in the air. He is sacked!

As he looking in a junk shop he finds a lamp but there isn’t a genie, there is a treasure map with a big X.

The map is snatched from the Pasta Brothers by Grotty Grimeswold ( Dave) who takes the map back to his evil mistress (Ali). They discover he has torn the map in half and are missing the part with the X. The Pasta Brothers go on a treasure hunt and are pursued by Grottly. When they finally find the treasure it is Fairy Dainty, who has been locked in the box, and she is reunited with her son Rodney who has turned bad and is the very same Grottly Grimeswold. He promises to be good and they all live happily ever after.

This show was directed by Angela De Castro, the first of three shows she was to direct fo nofitstate circus,


Flo Paul (7 mins)
Dave Id & Alison Gourley Part 2 (9 mins)
Dave Id (David Williams)
Dave Id

Grotty Grimswill talks us through other characters in Every Which Way But Up including Tweedle Dum and Dee and The Witch (guess who) as well as fun times at ancient Juggling Conventions


Hand-written Every Which Way script Download ➝