Tarn Aitken

Tarn Aitken
  • Builder/Maker
  • Crew
  • Resource Manager
  • Rigger
  • Steward
With company
2010 - 2013, 2015


Tarn has been involved with circus throughout his life, spending his childhood as an acrobatic clown, teaching circus skills and doing street shows while traveling widely around Europe.

He is accomplished in many circus skills but has held back from a particular specialization and these days is better know as the man who can make anything.

Skilled in designing and creating pretty much anything needed for a circus production- from structures and props to stages and sets, Tarn now shares the role of resource manager for NoFit State as well as running his own company- Aitkengineering- Specialised Performance Solutions.

Tarn is also an accomplished rigger; designing and rigging for several NoFit State productions, including Tabu, Mundo Parrallello and Taking the Air.

Just to prove that he can, in fact, do anything, Tarn's varied circus roles have also included Pyrotechnician, Lorry driver, Crane driver, Mechanic, Steward, and Crew.

When not at work Tarn enjoys building architectural structures, creating alternative energy sources and solutions, sailing and paragliding.

We suspect that he also moonlights as an engineering superhero, (think MacGyver- but flying...) however this has yet to be irrefutably proven, and he's staying silent on the subject.