Blaze Tarsha

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Blaze's first encounter with circus was when her mum cooked for the juggling convention blaze occupied herself and learn't to unicycle in just a week, little did she know that her mum would the go and tour with nofitstate as there permanent chef. Touring with Nofit State changed Blaze’s aspirations, she left school to attend Circomedia, circus and performance arts college. She then continued to study at Circomedia in which she specialized in Physical Theater and Aerial. During her studying she also perform for many different events such as , Cirque Bijou at the Colston Hall Bristol, Emerald ensemble, The swing thing Invisible circus, The big top at Glastonbury other festivals across England, Blaze also performed in Nofit State’s show Labyrinth at the Eden Project.

Worked on

Bianco 2014
Bianco - here be dragons
2016 - 2017