Yvette Vaughan-Jones

  • Trustee
With company


Yvette has always worked in the arts. She started in West Wales in community arts (one of the original Dyfed Dance animateurs), moved from there to Cardiff, where she worked for the Arts Council of Wales as Drama Officer. This is where she first came in touch with NoFit State and memorably could not give them a grant - it was pre-lottery and there was no spare money for projects then - but she did give them a training grant and money to bring in new talent and has had a keen interest in the company since then. She set up Wales Arts International, a partnership between the Arts Council of Wales and the British Council aiming to help organisations sell their work abroad and attract good work into Wales.

She then was a Policy Manager at the Wales European Centre in Brussels where she saw a lot of circus and performance. Back to Wales, she wrote Cardiff’s bid for European Capital of Culture – we didn’t win but we were close- and then to London to take on the role of Chief Executive of Visiting Arts (where she still works but lives in Cardiff). Going to see Immortal at the Roundhouse hooked her back into the Company. When the opportunity to become the Chair of NoFit State came up she threw her hat into the ring. It has been exciting, challenging and she will do her best to help the Company steer a great course over the next few years.