Sam Goodburn

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Sam Goodburn is a professional circus performer with a range of skills that will, literally, well not literally, blow your mind.

Starting off as just a unicyclist, Sam quickly mastered that balancing act and after winning many awards in unicycling and becoming the National Champion he moved on to bigger and better things.

By bigger and better we are of course talking about his balls. Sam became a top ball juggler and won the Under-21 British Juggling Championships. And he started to combine the two skills, juggling and unicycling, creating brand new, unique tricks.

Now the natural progression was the tightwire. Sam spent literally every waking moment of his misspent, friendless youth, learning to Unicycle Across a Tightwire Whilst Juggling Three Knives, a finale that will literally, yes literally, shock and amaze any audience.

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