Lynn Carroll

Lynn Carroll
  • Community and Education Manager
  • Performer
  • Teacher
With company


Starting as a youth worker in Manchester, Lynn learned circus skills with social circus pioneer Reg Bolton.

Working for many years at the Circus Space in London, she developed its youth circus from a small weekly group into a major department within the organisation. She first toured with NoFit State Circus when it was a small group of students busking its way to a juggling convention in the south of Spain, and has performed in many of the company shows since then.

In 2005 she managed the company’s first trainee performer programme within the Immortal tour and for the past four years she has been developing NoFit State’s Education and Outreach programme in Cardiff.

Lynn has recently moved from the serenity of Canton to untamed the wilds of Cwmcarn with her daughter Leah and their dog Noodles, who you will often see around the NoFit State office.