Janos Foldi

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Jani is a 27 year old aerialist and he is from the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

He was a danger kid, climbing trees, swimming in rivers. Sadly he had to grow up. He studied engineering and after finishing college, realised he was in the wrong industry, so he moved to England to change his life and eventually decided to run away with the circus in 2010. Starting with a short course at the Aircraft Circus, he finished his degree at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London where he met many NoFit State performers. He joined NoFit State in January 2014 and is loving it. Jani specialises in flying trapeze, ropes and multiple cloud swings, he is also trained in various dance and martial arts techniques, and he loves Japanese anime.

Worked on

Bianco 2014
Taking The Air
Bianco - here be dragons
2016 - 2017