Inside Out Roundabout

The first large scale outdoor experiment commissioned by Swindon Borough Council for Swindon Summer Festival. The name of the show 'Inside Out and Roundabout is a play on the fact that the 'doughnut stage' made to measure for the silver tent became surplus to needs for Tabu, but became the centrepiece for this new show. Also that the town of Swindon is well known for it's many and unusual roundabouts.
The vision was for an adaptable show with a cast of both professional performers and community circus members with the potential to involve and incorporate people - individuals and groups - from where the show was being booked. This vision was developed between 2008 and 2015 with Parklife, Barricade and Park Life


Orit Azaz & Ali Williams Creative Directors Conversation Part 3 (14mins)
Orit in Norwich 2008
Orit Azaz

Funding successful, administrative crisis, enter Alison Woods to take the helm. And as ImMortal entered the touring phase Park Life is born